Yuliett Towers boasts of them and puts them in the foreground


To Yuliett Towers are not going to intimidate you with comments on your body, or a lot less. If something is secure the mexican is precisely of your figure. And is that the one from Jalisco knows how much it has cost to build such a tipazo and it’s not going to surrender to anything or anyone. It is for this reason that it has reacted as you’ll see below the comments on a particular part of your body.

The influencer mexican, which is already going for more than five and a half million followers, he bugged and a lot of some criticism of her figure by having certain parts excessively developed, as his powerful quadriceps, while others had been ridiculous in proportion with the above. This Yuliett do not like anything because he understands that these criticisms are full of envy and malice, not being anything constructive or that to improve.

It is for this reason that Yuliett used a part of a film to represent, through that audio, what I wanted to say to all those who accused her of having them tiny. It is clear that Yuliett has a self-esteem strong, and that’s not going to amilanar to these heights by those who think different than her. And to do this just watch the video…

One of the things that he wanted to make the influencer mexican is to show a video that is on the street turning and turning on itself. With this wanted to send you a lot of encouragement to all those who continue to hold on for a little bit more with the confinement and thanking all the good that they are carrying. There are many wanting to go back out and you will soon be a reality if we stay home now, said the good of Yuliett. So be it.