Zac Efron might be playing Nightwing in the DCEU


zac efron could play nightwing
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The plans of the Universe-Extended DC are still standing and Warner could recruit Zac Efron to an important role of the family, Batman.

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After the failure of Justice Leaguethe future of the DCEU was uncertain. Recently it was announced that Wonder Woman 1984not form part of the canon, and there are rumors about a possible reboot of the movie universe.

Warner could also bet on movies of characters isolated after the success of Joker or the tape of Flash, directed by Andy Muschietti, would be the key to start a new universe.

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It is not yet clear what will happen with the DCEU, but Warner wants to move forward with the characters of DC and have more superheroes on the big screen.

There has long been rumor that the franchise will introduce Nightwing, the first Robin, and the producer is already looking for the actor to interpret the character.

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According to sources We Got This Covered, Zac Efron is the first considered to become Dick Grayson; however, the actor has projects lined up for the next two years, so that the producer would have to wait for them to finish their commitments.

The other actor in the look of Warner to use the costume of Nightwing is KJ Apa, the star of the series Riverdalealthough Efron is the first option.

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According to the report, the tape would be directed by Chris McKay, who did the Movie of Lego Batman in 2017 and had a good reception in general. The script would be in charge of Bill Dubuque, co-creator of the series Ozark.

Nightwing is the name that takes the first Robin then separated from Btman; so that to enter it, he would first have a connection with Bruce Wayne and, following the departure of Ben Affleck from the role, Warner will reboot the character with Robert Pattinson under the direction of Matt Reeves.

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Given the circumstances in the DCEU, and the tight schedule of Zac Efron, film Nightwing could take some years to reach.

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