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10 things you need to know, Millie Bobby Brown


By Alejandra Morón Instagram: @moronitas

The actress from the series “Stranger Things” has completed 16 years of life.

Where you were born? The actress was born in Marbella, Spain, on 19 February 2004.
You don’t speak Spanish, despite the fact that he was born in Spain.
Skills singer: besides acting, to Millie is very good at rapping.
Icon of the celebs: Jimmy Fallon, Blake Lively, John Travolta, Ryan Gossling, the rapper Drake or Aaron Paul, star of Breaking Bad, you have been asked selfies because they are fans of the small.
Your first kiss gave in the series “Stranger things”: “I Would do anything for the series… Until I shaved the hair! But I have to admit that my first kiss experience has been very strange. Then, when I saw it, I understood that I had a lot of sense for the story,” he said in an interview.
BFF Winona Ryder, even has a ring that represents their bond of friendship: “it Is a ring irish that represents loyalty, friendship and love,” explained Millie.
Fan of boxing and the martial arts: The actress confessed that to relieve the stress practicing boxing and martial arts.
Maddie Ziegler’s your best friend: Since always, Millie has confessed that the former star of “Dance Moms” is your best friend, even they both share the photos on their respective social networks.
Fashion icon: Millie has starred on the covers of major magazines, such as W or the edition of the Uk’s Vogue.
Had a boyfriend but now is single: had a relationship with singer Jacob Sartorius, but it didn’t work and they ended up dating.

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