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A posting on the Instagram of Britney Spears began to spread the rumor. The very Britney invited his followers to strike and called for the redistribution of wealth. The memes on their link to marxism, and from then, began to circulate.

By Paula Ricciulli // @Ricciup

What is Britney marxist? What we was training during his career in the study of dialectical materialism? We review the letters of some of his songs, and we conclude that in them it is possible to find some ideas that, in effect, add up with the theory of the philosopher and economist Karl Marx. Ideas such as the value of the work or the class struggle, a key part in the thought of karl Marx, were already present in some of their hits. Here are a few examples.

Capital gain

In his work summit, The capitalMarx defined surplus value as the value produced by the worker over his effort. That value, which is also defined as work not paid to the worker, remains in possession of the capitalist. Then, then, the surplus value is the basis of the accumulation of money.

In Work Bitch, Britney Spears recognizes the importance of work as the sole source of value. The emphasis in that the workers are the true owners of the means of production. “If you want a Maserati, you have to work bitch”brittney says as an invitation to the bourgeois class ceases to take possession of the additional value that produced those who work.

Centralization of capital

This phenomenon of capitalism explained by Marx, refers to the growth of capital property of an individual capitalist or group of capitalists. The above process means that between the capitalists facilitate the redistribution of capital already accumulated, which has as a consequence that the work is focused on large companies and to increase social gaps.

In Gimmie MoreBritney Spears sums up the accumulation of wealth of the capitalists: every time they want more and more, even when this involves the separation of the means of production from their owners direct: the workers.

The economic crisis

Contrary to what was mentioned by the previous theoretical economics such as Adam Smith, Marx believed that there is an invisible hand that regulates the market, and that the system was predestined to be inevitable moments of crisis.

In Ooops, I Did it Again, Britney Spears shows that capitalism is not as innocent as we believe that it is and that, contrary to the theoretical favorite of liberalism, which considered that the system moves only, in reality, I experienced periods of recession again and again. “Hit me baby one more time it is capitalism in anticipation of one of those beatings that have frequently occurred in the recent history.

In LuckyBritney questioned Adam Smith with the phrase “The world keeps spinning and she keeps on winning but tell me: What happens when this for?”.

The critique of slavery

Marx, of course, was against slavery, and a good part of their work consisted in demonstrating that throughout history we have normalized the exploitation of a group of people. Contrary to model-slave, Marx recognizes that the work is the only way to generate wealth and the value of a commodity should be determined by the amount of work invested in it.

Britney Spears invites you to make a reflection about it in I’m a Slave For You, right at the start of the song. “I know I’m young, but I have feelings, and I need to do what I want to do”, referring to the paid work.

The political activism and the revolution

Marx described how it operates, the class struggle in the capitalist society and how the proletariat will end up taking away the power of elites and dominant throughout the world. The studies of Marx inspired revolutions in China, Russia or Cuba, and concluded that the history of humanity is characterized by a constant confrontation between the bourgeoisie and the proletariat.

The title of Me Aganist the Music it may well be a reference to the class struggle described in The communist manifesto, in which “I” represents the working class and “The Music” to the bourgeoisie. The chorus “All my people on the floor let me see you dance” seems like a clear call to revolt and to protest against the accumulators of capital.