Abs Kate Beckinsale: how to get them


This is not the first time that Kate Beckinsale it serves us as inspiration when setting goals for fitness. You already gave us the formula to get a flat belly, but this time it has gone much further. Because you have defined abdomen almost in record time, as we have proven in your last video Instagram, where it appears plan a bailecito in your kitchen dedicated to your cat, by the way, is tucked inside a banana. More randomimpossible.

But it has not been that that he has called us the attention, but the abdomen toned that looks like the actress, viewable with the crop top that carries. And of course, we have asked: what is there to do, exactly, to be so at the age of 46? We knew that his training it is not what is said very normal: when we saw squatting on a toilet during a session gymwe were hallucinating. But this curious exercise was just a small appetizer: in reality, the training routine Kate Beckinsale it is very complete. So much so that he devotes six days a week to do this, following the orders of Gunnar Peterson, your personal trainer and also the other celebrities as Rebel Wilson, Chris Hemsworth or Khloé Kardashian. So what had she herself to the american edition of Women’s Health, with whom he shared some tips.

The training and diet of Kate Beckinsale

“The training is almost the most important thing for me,” confessed the actress, admitting he was concerned about their physical appearance. Maybe that is why it is so constant, and trains each morning in the gym, six days a week, leaving a rest.

His routine begins with a full body workout consisting of eight exercises to work several muscle groups at once: plates, squats with weight, range of cardio or exercises with elastic bands are part of your routine. And always, always stretch at the end of each workout. Something that left us very clear in that video where you showed how flexible it is has become thanks to the ‘stretching’. And, of course, also devotes part of the time work abdomen. But yeah, in a rather odd way: by doing abdominal aerial:

A that you exercise under the supervision of their coach and that it requires to be hung a boxing bag, fastened with the legs. Activate the abdomen it is essential to accomplish the movement, in fact you have to if you don’t want to stay upside down. That’s why it works on the muscles abdominal so much more intense.

What about the food? Kate Beckinsale told Women’s Health that tends to focus on eating protein, usually chicken, eggs or proteins. We also like the salads that carry radish, Brussels sprouts, salmon and, occasionally, a few potato chips. And one thing that is clear is that the stimulants are not for nothing his own: “that’s why I never have caffeine or alcohol”.