Agency sues Jennifer Lopez for using one of his photos


A agency of advertising sued JLo by using one of his photographs without asking permission or paying for rights.

The plaintiffs will require you to pay to Jennifer Lopez, 150 thousand dollarswhich for this star does not mean much, for the years that used, without permission, the photo.

However, the fact is surprising to many because it is a picture of it in 2017, making your character within ‘Shades of Blue’.

In addition, the controversial photography he spent two years unnoticed, until now, for Jennifer went up a publication in your account Instagrambut it did so without the permission of the photographer. And although Instagram is a social network where, apparently everyone takes pictures of all, the right thing is always put the image credits.

This is an example of celebrities that use photographs from photographers without permission to be marked in the social networks. The amount of likes that you receive the photo along with your number of followers on social networks is a tool to market their publications,” said Richard Liebowitz, a lawyer who is in charge of the lawsuit.

Up to the time JLo has not commented on the lawsuit against them, but what is clear, is that if you lose it you will not have any economic difficulty to pay for it.

At all times, Caracol Radio, more company.