Alan Salomon, in tandem with Drake Bell


The dj mexican Alan Salomon is premiere these days, launching three singles. The first is a collaboration he did with Drake Bell and George White in the simple “let’s Not lose patience.” For the dj and producer, collaborating with other musicians, “is something very gratifying, very different to be alone on the stage or in the studio. Working with artists of the category and the relevance of Bell-and-White is just incredible.” In particular, this simple “he started by wanting to make quality music”.

Alan you know Drake for a long time, they had already agreed to do a collaboration, but had not been given the time: “We wanted to continue with the dumbbell music. There had been No time to do so. After listening to his latest single, I found a song phenomenal. We did not lose more time. We loved all of the final product. The father of the song is that it qualifies as a remix, it is a song of mine. Gives you more freedom to advertise and promote it, it is a song pretty friendly. It lends itself to any type of situation.”

Unlike his work as a producer, working on topics is “completely different: there are that draw upon other people. It is much easier to say ‘It’s a song of mine, it goes like this, A, B, C’. But with other creatives take quite of your opinion, fit your sound, to the voices. In addition, it is the team behind it (the record). It is a challenge much bigger to make a piece with other artists. Is much the back and forth of feedback and ideas”.

In addition to the collaboration with Drake Bell and Jorge Blanco, Alan Salomon he shared yesterday the issue “It’s the music”: “Very ad hoc to my style. It is a song that I’ve been working on it a important time, but I figured that now by the time world it is important to release it. The song speaks of why music makes us feel, what is the music,” explains the artist.

The simple to complete the triad of releases this April is another collaboration, in this case with the artist Olivia Adams: “It is a remix, with a lot of joy, it is a song of the trap, a species of trap rock. I was approached by the team of Olivia Adams, I heard the song and I didn’t think twice”.

Finalize the production of the singles was a circumstance that was given by the sanitary contingency: “I had never dreamed of having three singles in a week, and is going on.” The music industry is for the moment stopped, but continue the talks to negotiate concert dates at a later stage: “There is a possible presentation in Asia, Mexico and Europe. There would be a tour with Drake, but is on stand by. We still don’t know when it will be able to carry out the performances”.

Meanwhile, Alan Salomon take advantage of the time to continue producing and taking on new personal projects: “I learn a new language (Italian), I’m taking a routine very serious exercise (things homemade: go up and down stairs, pushups, crunches), try to have a schedule, with meetings with the team. This is to bring out the best of us and take advantage of this time,” concludes the artist.