Angelina Jolie is sincere about the difficulties of confinement


As every mom in this time, Angelina Jolie has had some difficulties during this quarantine.

Actress Angelina Jolie has given an interesting interview to Time magazine in which sincere openly about the difficulties of being a mother or father in these times of seclusion home, especially if one is in charge of several small children to help, among other things, with school-related tasks.

In his conversation with the publication, the movie star has admitted that the experience is proving to be quite complicated for her and for her offspring -especially for her, apparently – due to the new dynamics which preside over their day-to-day, marked by the video calls are constant, and new ways to apply the continuous assessment.

“We are all confined, and carry it pretty well… Well, the two things that most affect the children in these days that are outside of the school is, of course, the education and the challenges posed by the new educational situation. I know that many parents across the country are grappling with this work, and may make it more difficult for them than it is for the own children”, admitted the ex-wife of Brad Pitt.

In any case, Angelina has wanted to send a message of optimism to the citizens to ensure, in their own words, they “can’t afford to lose hope,” despite the human tragedy and economic devastation caused by the pandemic, but not before underlining the additional risk to which they subjected the victims of gender-based violence as a consequence of the measures of social isolation.

By Bang Showbiz @CARASmexico
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