Animal Crossing: New Horizos triumphs in the rhythm of Britney Spears

New Horizons, the latest installment of the successful series Animal Crossing has been one of the few things that has been able to brighten up the dark days we are living. It is possible that you never have thrown a game, or have thought to do it, but no one doubts the good vibes it gives off. Well, qerhaps Ibai, but because I thought that going to fishing or camping in a virtual world I was going to save scares.

The influencer has not been the only one who has taken tip the game these days, and especially a user of Reddit has been having a good time editing music videos with the graphic engine of the sim social.

The user is called Kat on Twitter but signed as a Kazoo-E, and takes days to rise adaptations of video clips classic using only the costumes and characters of the game, with an edition calcadita to that of the original videos.

The scenario chosen to recreate the action is Harvey’s Photopia, one of the islands in the game that also has a recording studio, perfect to recreate great songs from a few years ago. It is the ingenious way of make muñequillos dance and be able to make special gestures.

The first of the videos that launched the era of Mariah Carey performing ‘We Belong Together’ that rhythm and theme could not be better with Animal Crossing. But has dared with many more, as this of Bad Romance:

For you have created them with a video game, the clips are greatand the good vibes they transmit reaches its peak with the adaptation of the song’s most successful Britney Spears. ‘Oops I Did It Again’ is quickly approaching the million reproductions, because without a doubt it is the song with the most accomplished of the that has been recreated by the author.

We do not know if the queen of pop 15 years ago, and has had the opportunity to see this creation yet, but as soon as you do we hope that gives you a good retuit. Your version cloned in Animal Crossing well deserves it. Who knows? The same could relaunch his career in an animated version…

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