Animal of antarctica is named in honor of Greta Thunberg

A new species antarctic colémboloa tiny animal like an insect, has been dubbed “Friesea gretae“in honor of the activist Swedish Greta Thunberg for your global campaign against the climate crisis.

In a statement, the University Federation of Australia he indicated that the colémbolo was named by its discoverer, biologist Penelope robin guarnieri, who wanted to pay tribute to the young activist Swedish for their work to raise awareness, particularly among the young.

“Climate change is particularly evident in the Antarctica because you can measure the glaciers melting,” said robin guarnieri, a researcher of the University Federation that discovered the new species in collaboration with a team from the Italian university of Siena.

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“And it seems appropriate to call this species the antarctic in honor of Greta Thunberg because he has been doing a very good job to draw attention around the world, especially among young people, on the problem of climate change“added the entomologist.

The springtails, an arthropod close to the insects, are the animals most numerous and oldest of the Earth and contribute to the life cycle to help break down organic material that serves as a nutrient for the plants.

The “Friesea gretae”, that measures approximately two millimeters, lives in the mold and algae of the cape Hallet, one of the few areas that do not frost in the Antarctic and feeds on beings, microscopic to survive in these low temperatures.

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Dr. robin guarnieri, who began to investigate the springtails in the year 1960 in the Solomon Islands, has been discovered about 200 species of this animal in its 60 years as a researcher.

Surely “Friesea gretate” will be your kind most remembered thanks to the activist Swedish 17-year-old began a global movement against the climate crisis in 2018, and since then, has not stopped to scold world leaders for their inaction in the international summits in which it participates.