Anna Kendrick arrives at our new cover and edition eco-friendly


Yes have you ever seen ‘Twilight’ or cantaste to the rhythm of ‘Pitch Perfect’, surely you know perfectly the main character of our new cover: Anna Kendrick!

The actress, singer and writer has achieved the impossible: from writing a book, to make music to be cool and sing with Snoop Dog. She has no limits. Even so, we confess the times in which you may lose confidence in itself, do you look for in a role to not get caught up and the exciting projects it has for 2020, among which is their debut as executive producer of Love Life.

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In addition, you will enjoy our edition sustainable where you can read everything about purchase, travel, and live more eco-friendly and the latest trends in green technologies in the world of fashion.

What’s better? You’ll be able to download completely free access to our digital edition www.pasalapagina/ #QuedateEnCasa