Anthony Beauvillier tries to flirt with Anna Kendrick


Everything seems to indicate that the player of the NHL, Anthony Beauvillier has a crush with the actress ‘Pitch Perfect’, Anna Kendricktherefore , the December 24 tried to engage in a conversation via twitter with the actress, and it has finally taken the time to respond.

The way in which Anthony decided to start the conversation with Anna was writing a simple ‘Hello @Annakendrick’however, the users of social networks, noting the interest of the Beauvillier towards Kendrick, decided to lend a hand to make also a singer, noticed her existence.

The tweet from the player the islanders of New York has nearly 60 thousand ‘likes’ and thousands of responses complimented itso that you can make a good impression in the eyes of the acclaimed actress. It is worth mentioning that, one of the best comments came from his team-mate, Bruno Gervais, who wrote “I remember when Beau saved me from a burning building, I cooked a meal of seven times and I taught eight languages. It was a great day”, making it look Beauvillier like a hero.

The response of Anna Kendrick

It seems that the efforts of Anthony Beauvillier draw the attention of Anna Kendrick came to fruition, and finally, after almost three days, the actress replied with the following: “The responses from this have kept me entertained for the past two days. Thank you all for telling true stories of the heroism of this man.”

Despite the fact that the player managed to capture the attention of the actress, you may never achieve the accomplish something between these two personalities, because rumor has it that Anna Kendrick maintains a sentimental relation with the director of photography, Ben Richardson, from the 2014.