Applaud new habits of Adele


Mexico city.- Adele was stunning when designer Karl Lagerfeld called her fat: “I’ve Never wanted to look like models on the covers of magazines,” he said in his time to People magazine.

Maybe that’s why, at the end of 2019, the interpreter of “Hello” was surprised and was also criticized for showing with quite a few kilos less, and an appearance totally different from the girl who dazzled the world with her voice in 2008, when he rose to fame and won, the following year, the Grammy for Best New Artist.

“He told us he had lost about 45 pounds and that it had been an unbelievably positive experience. He seemed very happy, they looked amazing and with a lot of confidence,” he told People magazine Lexi Larson, a fan who fell in with the british during their vacation.

However, the images published in December and the new silhouette that showed during your most recent visit to Anguilla have generated conflicting opinions.

Some of his followers brings out what good that looks, while others have crossed out of promoting extreme thinness and give in to the beauty standards pre-established in a moment where advocates for the inclusion of various types of bodies.

“Even though it is not proposed to be a banner, or inspiration for other want to look like, finally, are the figures that have a weight that is relatively strong,” said Yvonne de la Vega, a phd in psychology with a specialty in eating disorders.

“If you ask me if is promoting this thinness, it is not that the right as such, but that you have made these changes reinforce the idea of the young ‘if Adele was able to, I also'”.

Although it clarifies that, in the matter of promotion, the social part is the one that least affects the people who suffer from an eating disorder.

The specialist and researcher believes that, in fact, the weight loss is what you would expect of someone with obesity, as you do it supervised by a multidisciplinary team, psychological support, nutritional and a general practitioner.

According to some reports, the new figure of Adele is a product of the diet “sirtfood”, based on sirtuins, a group of proteins that helps to suppress the appetite and activate the “gene for thinness”.

Some of the products recommended are kale, red wine, strawberries, onions, soy and dark chocolate, although the eating plan has been criticized for not having long-term benefits.

“All the people who are llenitas, they know that they have a problem, simply look in the mirror … you know, no one has come to say.

“It makes it very plausible that you did so (to lose weight), that what you are accomplishing, and, above all, that has the support, the resources of the health professionals to take it to a good end”, added De la Vega.

In this match the image consultant Renata Roa, who stresses that while the singer had not put emphasis on their appearance, it was important to him to do so by a health issue.

“You have to be careful with celebrating the body as it is, that simply is required to break these stereotypes of beauty, but quite another when the health goes through.

“The line is thin between accepting different bodies, and to celebrate those that are being messengers of ‘alerts’ in terms of health,” said Roa.

It is assumed that 90 percent of the results of the london, of 31 years, is due to the power, but also to the pilates and the advice of Joe Wicks, The Body Coach”, and the celebrity trainer Dalton Wong.

“I used to cry, but now sudo”, wrote the singer-songwriter in October, next to a picture published on Instagram.

This is not the first time you lose weight. In 2015, when he released his album 25, told that it had adopted a more healthy lifestyle. And in 2012, he lost around six kilos with pilates and eating vegetables.

“I think what confrontador in this case was that of one image to the other showed a body very different. Share how was your process could make the difference in perception that is emerging of its change”, explained the expert on image.

A source told People that after a divorce the father of her child, Simon Konecki, the singer of “Rolling in the Deep” wanted to be a mother with more health and treat your body in a better way.

In terms of image, the thinness tends to be compensated, but from the point of view of psychology of the body, is associated with protection. That’s why, says Roa, when a person loses weight is usually to change your personality.

“You have to evolve your image. Will have to check that does not affect their vocal ability. It will be interesting to see the way in how to reinvent their shows”, he added.

In this particular case, the singer seems to have gained more self-esteem and security, as demonstrated recently with the look that you ported (a dress close-fitting animal print) in a party after the ceremony of the Oscar.

“You feel sure of yourself and, literally, you want to eat the world. Search for this idea to formulate proposals, rather than the negative. It is an example to follow, that there are to do it this way, with a good support and support.

“It’s good that you are making! and, above all, we would expect that it be maintained,” said De la Vega, who is a specialist in eating disorders.

What is a fact is that she did not need a slim figure to make a place in the music, because the success is not directly proportional to the shape of the body… at least if you’re Adele.

“No need to be thin to succeed. And no one we need, definitely,” said the psychologist.

Artist of weight

The fortune of the singer is valued at 194.3 million, according to Sunday Times Rich List.

In 2008, he released 19, her debut album, which was certified with seven Platinum Discs in the Uk and three Platinum in the united States.

21 was the first album by a female artist to stay more than 450 weeks in the album list in Billboard 200.

In 2011, Billboard named her Artist of the Year, Billboard 200 Album of the Year and Billboard Hot 100 Song of the year (“Rolling in the Deep”). She was the first woman who won in the three categories.

In issue 54 of the Grammy, in 2012, he won the six awards they aspired to.

He won the Oscar and the Golden Globe for Best Original Song for “Skyfall”, the theme of the tape of the same name by James Bond.

Your simple “Hello” debuted at the first position of the Hot 100 Billboard chart and remained in that position for 10 consecutive weeks.

In less than a year, her third album, 25, reached sales of 9.1 million copies.

At the ceremony 59 of the Grammy, in 2019, won the gramophones they aspired to, including Album (25), Record and Song of the Year.

Received the title of Member of the Order of more Excellence of the British Empire, in 2013.

Only in 2018, and without work or generate music, the british won 27.1 billion.