Aquaman like to wish you happy birthday to Amber Heard and exploit social networks

The account of twitter official of the movie Aquaman congratulated the actress Amber Heard for her birthday, and unleashed the wrath of the fans

If there is some truth in the recent rumors that Amber Heard could be replaced as a Mere in Aquaman 2 by his legal problems, maybe someone should tell the community manager of the official Twitter account of the movie.

As you can probably imagine, this Tweet got a reaction pretty violent on the part of the fans

The actress Aquaman, Amber Heard, was recently found in a rather delicate situation when it emerged evidence that he lied about having been assaulted by her ex-husband Johnny Depp, and possibly faked some of his wounds. The actor Pirates of the Caribbean is now suing the actress demanding a compensation of 50 million dollars for defamation, and could be sentenced to prison.

Of course, this led to speculation that Warner Bros might be planning to replace Amber Heard as Mere in the sequel to Aquaman of James Wanbut if there is some truth in the “rumors” that are being circulated, the official account of the film’s Twitter, it’s not I would wish you a happy birthday!!!

If Heard is declared guilty and is convicted, then the study obviously you will need to take some kind of action, but apart from that, it is very unlikely that the career of the actress to be affected.

The stars of Hollywood, men and women, they continue to get major roles even after doing some seriously heinous. If you are a major asset at the box office, that is all that matters to a film studio.

Do you think Amber Heard should be replaced as a Mere?

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