Ariana Grande and Halsey will face the same dress “film”



Singer Ariana Grande has promised that it will participate in the charity auction organized by the production company A24 to raise funds that will be allocated to support various charitable initiatives and hospitals of the city of New York during the current crisis of the coronavirus.

Among the items that form part of the batch, and that belong to known series or movies, is the dress original flower which the actress Florence Pugh looks in the film ‘Midsommar’ after being crowned as the Queen of May.

Close friends of the pop star know that is obsessed with this story of terror and, when it was announced that the bulky piece of props would go to the sale, his friends started to bombardearla messages to do with the dress and turned so his dream of putting it on for Halloween.

The artist has shared a screenshot of one of those messages in their Stories: “you can Not imagine the amount of people who has written to me for this same reason,” has revealed to their fans, labeling in addition to Florence in the publication, and confessing that, oddly enough, I was considering to order a replica to become your next costume.

“Just do it! Halloween will never be the same if you do it”, he has responded to the actress to cheer her up, adding in addition that the design has aEEUgujeros to take out the arms and hold with ease a cup of wine.

The problem is, is that Ariana might have competition on the bid in the form of another artist, famous and with sufficient resources at their disposal. Halsey tweeted this same Wednesday, a picture of the dress, which weighs fifteen pounds and is made with ten thousand flowers of silk, with the message: “I ask you, this is for me.”