Ariana Grande criticizes those who imitate in Tik Tok with eyeliner and a ponytail | Music


The american singer shared her discomfort with the thousands of imitations there are of it in the video platform

Ariana Large criticized imitations that you make on the video platform, Tik Tok, and described them as something to break up all of the value of their work.

The message was specifically for the times in which the different users have used the voice of “Cat Valentine“his character in the series “Victorious“(2010) Nickelodeon. In the app videos, some people use eyeliner, put on a sweatshirt, a ponytail and overwrite the original voice of the series to share with their followers, but to the interpreter “7 Rings“don’t like it.

Through their stories of Instagram, Ariana Large he shared the publication of the filmmaker Jordan Firstman, who criticized the memes that are made from some scene of a movie, because he says that is something that takes many years to perfect, and this “gives it a meaning completely arbitrary to the thing that the artist loves so much, something as well as degrade their value”.

The american singer took up this message and added his point of view.

“¡Omg! This can also apply to your impression of the tail of a horse the girls in Tik Tok who think that to make that voice ‘Cat Valentine‘, use eye liner and a sweatshirt it is a good impersonation of me, ‘degrading their value’“.

Czech videos referred to Ariana Grande below.

One of the people who do this type of clips is Paige Niemanna woman who has been characterized as the “double” of Ariana Large due to that, in addition to imitate it, is physically very similar.

The commitment of the Page to imitate the singer is such that he has dyed his hair different shades through which it has passed the interpreter “Thank Or, Next“. He even took a picture identical to that of the album cover: “Sweetener“where the singer appears with the silver hair.