As well reacts to Hailee Steinfeld when you listen to a song of Niall Horan


Check out the awkward moment in which he lived Hailee Steinfeld with their fans through the fault of your ex Niall Horan

It was in 2018 when Hailee and Niall put an end to their relationship of nearly a year, and apparently things didn’t end so well between them, they gradually have revealed details of their romance, even have the theory that the singer was unfaithful to the star.

Recently Niall caused an uncomfortable moment to Hailee, it turns out that the star is promoting his new song “I Love You’s”, and during a live on Instagram that you made to celebrate the release with his fans, his transmission was interrupted by “Black and White”, one of the most popular songs of his ex, and that is thought to be inspired by it.

When he began the song, Hailee looks really uncomfortable, and turned immediately to ask to change the song in the background.

We don’t know what was actually what happened between Hailee and Niall, but it had to be something very bad for which the star is put so badly when you hear something related to your ex, don’t you think?

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