“Because she saw”: Netflix and the UN are joined by the International Women’s Day


In the framework of the international women’s day, Netflix and UN women, convened 55 influential women from the world of entertainment, to a selection of movies and series, which, thanks to their messages, processors and their intimate stories, you have shown the world the true value of belonging to the female gender. Within this list are the mexican Salma Hayek, Cecilia Suárez, Yalitza Aparicio, Barbara Lopez, Elena Fortes, and Lynn Fainchtein. Also called foreign stars such as Sophia Loren and Millie Bobbie Brown, who gave their grounds to see and understand these projects.

The veracruz Salma Hayek, chose the series Inconceivabledirected by Lisa Cholodenko and written by Susannah Grant, considering it indispensable for the reputation of the female voice in the struggle for justice. The Oaxacan Yalitza Aparicio opted for the documentary The conquest of the congress, premiered may 1, 2019 in the united States, showing that being persistent and resilient results in the conquest of any goal. Lynn Fainchtein, music producer, chose, 2001: a space odyssey, thanks to the imprint left in it to make your imagination run wild, creating new universes that changed as a human being.

The star of The house of flowersCecilia Suárez, leaned, Story of a marriage, starring Scarlett Johansson and Adam Driver, because it takes as a pretext the intimacy and the development partner to pose the obvious problem of inequity. Barbara Lopez, actress, star in the newly released Unrestrained, highlighted the message of the series Scandal, focused on the world of public relations, which exalts the struggle of a woman to become indispensable in a world ruled by men. The participation of the producer of the tape Lorraine, that of light feet, Elena Fortes is with the film, Atlantique, a drama senegalese in which the protagonist rebels against the imposition of gender roles to draw their own future.

Among the foreign highlights of the list Because she saw it, is the legendary, Sophia Loren, who won the hand The Crown, original series from Netflix that exalts the courage of the main character to be true to itself in defiance of the expectations of others. Millie Bobby Brown, the most powerful of the show, Stranger Things, is senbilizó with the struggle of the singer-songwriter, Taylor Swift, recounted in the documentary, Miss America, that account of the battles of a woman sensitive and talented to show his human side in an industry that is responsible for turning people into products.

The design of this collection with stories inspired by the struggle the female was designed to enrich the international women’s day, celebrated on 8 march, which this year has the official theme of “Generation Equality: the rights of women and equal futures”.

Ribbons prominent

Lali Espósito (Argentina)- A place called Nothing Hill

Laverne Cox (US) – Brené Brown: The call of courage

Beren Saat (Turkey) – Bird Box: blind

Fatimah Abu Bakar (Malaysia) – Babies

Hend Sabry (Egypt) – Joan Didion: The center gives

Joyce Cheng (Hong Kong) – Queer Eye

Mira Lesmana (Indonesia) – ROME

Hanna Ardéhn (Sweden) – The silence of the innocent