Beyonc made a donacin millionaire in the struggle for the coronavirus

Leonardo Di Caprio, Lady Gaga, Angelina Jolieand Madonna are some of the celebrities that top the donations to those affected or the fight against the coronavirus.

Now, we kno that Beyonc I decided to donate 6 million dollars that will be allocated to the population african american. The artist lend their support during and after the crisis that gener the outbreak of coronavirus.

Together Jack Dorse of the organization Start Small Think Big, Beyonc donating money to the african-american community, given that they comprise a number disproportionate share of workers in occupations essential, and necesitarn mental health support and attention of personal well-being, including testing and services medical, food supplies and delivery, resalt.

For this reason, the detail that is ofrecern elements of need basic, such as food, water and stationery cleaning and security services to prevent the spread of coronavirus. That way the singer demonstrated committed and concerned about the community.

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