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Recite the poem, the author jerez

The workshop for Social Theatre of the Department of Equality interprets the poem of Jose Luis Garcia Guillermo and share proposals as ‘Little Red riding hood’, ‘Divas’ and ‘To the wheel, wheel, color quince’

Connected in the distance to the ventilator of the social networks that double as floats, and by which transits the artistic creativity now that all the cultural spaces physicists are closed, are doing their utmost in this miracle communicative proposals to make more bearable the guidelines of this new style of life ‘cuarentinesco’ and ‘in closing’.

Actress Teresa Donaire goes up for interpretation by his pupils of the Workshop of the Social Theatre of the Department of Equality of the poem ‘Have been sufficient two weeks’, José Luis García, Guillermo; and the workers of the Department of Social Action and International Cooperation dance and send messages of optimism with the song ‘Live’, of Tow and Rozalén.

The daimieleños Union Space 13, in the framework of the project ’13 days, 13 stories’, they performed ‘Little Red riding hood’ this Thursday, Day of Book, within of Week of the Book, which includes, among other proposals, recommendations and literary reading of ‘Romance de la Guardia Civil Española’ by Federico Garcia Lorca, and ‘Don Juan Tenorio’, Zorrilla.

Miguel Angel Maroto-Negrete, next to artists of the theatre group, pays tribute with the video ‘Divas’ to three great singers such as Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey and Beyonce, and shares a snippet of the second novel that he is writing, ‘The rebellion of the predicate’, as well as recommend to read titles like ‘Against the wind of the north’, by Glattauer, and ‘What’s left for me to live’, by Elvira Lindo; while the trio Vane, Red, integrated by the narrator Aldo Mendez, the flautist Carlos Cano and pianist Hernán Mile, rises the song, ‘To the wheel, wheel, color quince’ with a choir of friends from multiple latitudes to sing on the instrumental basis of ‘Round lights’, from the album ‘Where the light is born’.

The Public Library of the State commemorated the Day of the Book with the presentation of its new website on the occasion of its 120th anniversary, the refreshing rhymes of the young poet ciudarrealeño Vichen Wilm and video-presentation of the novel ‘The secret of the hermitage’, by Manuel Rivas Cabezuelo, Torre de Juan Abad.

Mauro Navarro Ginés, Santa Cruz de Mudela, read excerpts of great novels such as ‘the grapes of wrath’, John Steinbeck, and he recites poems by authors such as Lorca, Antonio Machado, Gabriel Celaya or Eugene Maple in its deliveries ‘From the attic’; Ana Victoria Lopez, from Coldstream, still giving encouragement with very different scores; and the puertollaneros 300 White Wings combine ‘The story hour’ for kids with ‘Balconies to fly with books’ suggestive literary suggestions.

Offers the development of a comic book custom and exclusive

The ciudarrealeño Joaquín Muñoz González continues with his ‘Confinaversos’ live, the almagreño Jesus Miguel Horcajada proposed by the elaboration collective with poems, drawings and photographs of ‘exquisite Corpses’; and the culipardo illustrator Paco Carrion offers the development of comics exclusive survivals to combat the ‘confiburrimiento’. His proposal consists in the development of a double page, A3 size, in which the subject of the “situations and special experiences” imagined during this period “with the people that you’re not, that you are, or even alone”.

The authors of the Group Guadiana have made recommendations to literary in this Day of the Book, the almagreña Nieves Fernandez participates in the dramatized reading of the poem ‘The same way’, of Cervantes, dedicated to Jesús Muñoz, of the editorial Ledoria, along with poets and friends of the library toledo Hojablanca; and the puertollanera Marta Moya recites to ‘Hamlet’ of Shakespeare.

The ciudarrealeño Dani Rodriguez deploys magic and fun, the piconero Agustín Durán exposes the drama of the barbershops closed, singer and songwriter of roots alcazareñas Luis Ramiro share songs and poems, and Slam Poetry ciudarrealeño are coming video-poems of authors such as valladolid Agnes Raised Otero.

For his part, Rafael Álvarez ‘El Brujo’, a ‘fixed’ that always fills in the International Theatre Festival of Classic Almagro, interpreted in the confinement of the different characters of ‘Divine Words’, by Valle-Inclán.

Also older people and the workers of the Residence Virgen del Socorro to the town of la mancha of Miguel Esteban, in the province of Toledo, expressing a positive message and hope with the song ‘Live’, of Rozalén and Tow.

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