Britney Spears posted a photograph and worried their fans with a strange look


4 April, 2020 19:34

The recognized american singer recovering from a long depression that began more than a year ago.

The manager of Britney Spears said the singer should not go back to the scenarios
The singer Britney Spears.

Britney Spears it was one of the singers more famous of the 90’s. However, several years ago, the artist has suffered different health problems and was forced to face a hard struggle against their addictions. Finally, when everything seemed to go the right way and his career was underway, the “princess of pop” suffered a harsh crisis of anxiety that he had to stay several months in a clinic in rehabilitation. The fact that occurred in the past year again to worry all his fans.

Away from the music, is in recovery and in quarantine in his house, but in the last few weeks has published a series of photographs that would not stop calling the attention of his followers.

The unusual behavior of Britney Spears in a red carpet

The photo that published Britney Spears which worried his fans

In the picture, you could see the artist with the eyes outlined in black and hair completely disheveled. “I woke up and my hair was curly today! I was a bit excited. I hope that you are passing a wonderful time with your families and remember … stay safe my friends,” said Britney Spears in the heading of the photograph.

Britney Spears
The image of Britney Spears that released to his fans.

The followers are not only worried about the state of health of the singer due to her appearance, but in addition many reproached that has posted that image once more. “I think I did it again”, “do Not post this yesterday?”, “What the third time is a charm?”, “how many times have you reposted this? I love you Britney”, “The third time that I see this is being re-released.”, were just some of the comments that could be read.

Video: @britneyspears

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