Catch Adele in an intense fight telephone

While Adele it is known to give ALL their talent in concerts, good humor and amazing energy (it is enough to know that he married a few changes of his own, and even sang at his wedding!), a paparazzi’s caught in a facet little known of her: angry, in full fight dramatic and intense. And in addition to that, the singer discovered the paparazzi who was photographing it, and he reacted even more angry with this!

Thursday afternoon Adele he was photographed coming out of your car in the Heathrow Airport in London. The issue is that while he was exiting the vehicle, the paparazzi’s caught shouting at the phone in a way very dramatic and strong, as if estuvier fighting. Adele I was just returning from his trip to United States, where he was also on the feast of the Oscar for Beyoncé and Jay Z. In the photos Adele sported a sporty look, with braids boxers.

Adele has surprised the world the last few months for various reasons. One of them is their physical change, total, where we see a figure more stylized and a radical change of lifestyle. It looks totally happy with this change in your life! A change that gave, it is suspected, to be renewed by your divorce. On the other hand, the singer has released the information that their new album will be released in September. And you know what? We are already urgently!

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