Celia Lora teaches the chest by the window the whole city, and on Instagram

The famous model and daughter of Alex Lora del Tri, Celia Lora, is in full quarantine locked up in her house, so they are depleting their ideas and this time decided to exploit the social network and the entire city showing their chest by the window.

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He did it in his last publication, where by little and the application of the censorship, because you will see almost the entire chest completely.

The photograph this in its official account of Instagram, where we can observe it only in some small panties that you have enjoyed the running of the bulls, however, is missing the entire outdoors as they normally traveled a lot.

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To spend a little time and get some sponsors, Celia has been promoting various competitions, some of your own content and the other brands that contact, because it is super good to draw attention.

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Has been promoted from soaps, bakeries and even raffled off one of their magazine private of Playboy, where it appears a cover, so decided to autografiarla and take advantage of the time at home to do other types of activities with their fans.

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Even had an interview in Window through Zoom, something that they are doing a number of celebrities, for there is no other way, since leaving the house has become something of enough risk, and she prefers to take care of yourself and care for others.

For Celia are very important to his followers, so that has recommended looking for something to do while they are at home. In spite of how much you enjoy your new pages, she expected to be able to sell some of their bikinis, with their own brand and was expecting to have a great time on these dates.

It is important to know that Celia Lora is participating as the leader of Acapulco Shore, so it has been mentioned that soon will come the chapters to entertain us, as in these times any release of film series or television program is very well received, because that is the option left to us to pass the time avoid going out to the street, something that we have been asked on several occasions and not many people are doing the event.

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