Chris Hemsworth, of “Thor” to a mercenary for Netflix


Times are tough, for all the world. We have 40 million followers on Instagram, or embolsen 15 million dollars for his “little” participation in Avengers: Endgame (half of the 30 claimed by Thor: Ragnarok). Chris Hemsworth is going through the insulation, which in his homeland, Australia, is not as strict as in other sides, like any mortal.

Well, OK. It has some amenities, but complies with the order to stay in their home. In your case, your mansion.

There he lives with his wife, Spanish actress Elsa Pataky, and their three children, India, 7 years old, and their twins Tristan and Sasha, 6.

It was Tristan who had appeared, suddenly, in a video conferencing with the actor of 36 years ago promotion of Extraction, Tyler Rake or Rescue missionthe three ways in which you can find the film action -and extreme violence – this Friday, April 24, premieres Netflix.

It was not the case of the talk with Clarín. And if Tristan appeared, Chris kept him gagged or something similar, because it is not what is heard in the telephone conversation. Shared with the director, Sam Hargrave, who was not there at the house of Chris, but the rules of the giant of the streaming were as well. Interview two.

With David Harbour (yes, Jim Hopper in “Stranger Things”) rehearsing a scene for the director, Sam Hargrave.

Let’s say that luckily Chris and the director, debutant meet, they are friends (Sam was stunt coordinator of risk of several films of Chris) and complement each other even without being next to each other. And the director knew how to keep in the background.

Chris answers the call of Clarín in his mansion in Byron Bay, a city in the state of New South Wales, on the East coast of Australia, in the not inhabited by over 5,000 people. With his wife threw in their social networks a kind of guide to help children concentrate and cope with peace of mind the isolation, developed by a team of psychologists and have the voice of the actor, and which can be accessed through an application of fitness routines sports.

– Are you happy with how it’s going Centr, your application practice sports free of charge, to get in shape during the isolation?

-Yes, I’m very happy with it, I like to be able to help people to be able to be healthy, to stay in state. We are living in a time of challenges, and what we did to any person from any part of the world, in any place and at any time can be accessed free of charge. I am very grateful, also, by the response it has had.

In “rescue Mission”, your character is a mercenary who must save the son of a drug lord of India, who has been kidnapped.

That sympathy which shows the australian does not break or with the following question:

– Do you have idea of how many bad guys matás in “rescue Mission”?

– Oh, hahaha! No, I have no idea, I don’t know ” – he laughs good-win-. Were a lot…

-Yes, there were many -he shoves the spoon to Sam, the director. The interesting thing is that we try to build an emotional storyline, a character that moves for emotional reasons, for the action that must be done directly. It was not something “random”, random. What it does it does so motivated by their emotional needs, to keep this boy safe, we try to make a story that contains that.

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In Rescue missionthat from this Friday, April 24, is available on Netflix, Hemsworth plays Tyler Rake, an ex-soldier-turned-mercenary who accepts the difficult mission of rescuing an adolescent, the son of a drug lord of Mumbai who is a prisoner, in the hands of another drug boss, but of Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh.

Along with his wife, the Spanish Elsa Pataky.

Along with his wife, the Spanish Elsa Pataky.

-In the film, literally, will you throw the water from 30 meters high. Or was it your double?

-That scene, that sequence was a mixture of different classes of frames, I made the jump, yes…

-The most crazy of that sequence was that when we filmed it, and we were not aware of this, Chris was under the water for two and a half minutes! -provides Sam-. And from above, we said “what The is going to rise? When is it going to go up?”. But I think, knowing him, that, besides the scare they gave us, Chris enjoyed that a lot, in that state of calm and silence under the water…

-The water was cold, but it was in the summer, it is good to outdoor filming, and that scene was filmed in Thailand. And yes, I enjoyed that moment of calm and quiet… (Laughs).

Next to Sam Hargrave, who made his debut ne the realization, after being a supervisor of a double risk in several movies of Chris Hemsworth.

Next to Sam Hargrave, who made his debut ne the realization, after being a supervisor of a double risk in several movies of Chris Hemsworth.

-Your double, Bobby Holland Hanton, has a lot of work in the film: it jumps from a roof, is hit by a car. Your double is always working with you, what are already friends?

-And, working with him for probably eight years. It has saved Me and keeps me safe doing so many, many things, extraordinary things. He is a double risk amazing, and for that sequence so long with shots and others, we had to make special arrangements, different.

– What for example?

-We could not change roles in front of camera as you normally do, because the camera could not stop nor take from different angles, so Bob did the trials with me, and at times really dangerous I am acting in front of the camera and… it Was really tiring, and challenging, yes, but it is something that I will never be able to forget.

-That plane sequence of 12 minutes, no cuts apparent of camera, it has a rhythm overwhelming, and it is really very well-done. How many days took for them to roll it?

-We had 10 days to film the sequence -taking the word to the director-but to be able to prepare with all the technology and others, it took a month, or more, because there are so many actions that have to happen together and at the same time, perfectly and gently synchronized. It was a huge challenge, but we had a great team and a great cast, and everyone was a hundred percent gotten, committed.

-Is that we all knew that we were doing something that was going to be very important in the film, very unique-intervenes Chris-. It was very difficult and very rewarding at the same time.

The film includes a flat sequence -a shot that seems unique, without cuts - 12-minutes that it took... ten days of filming.

The film includes a flat sequence -a shot that seems unique, without cuts – 12-minutes that it took… ten days of filming.

– What is the reason for which you like to work, and produce, action movies, and extreme violence?

-This is quite different to that I have done before. And also this is not a movie of many special effects, or we had to shoot with a green screen background, but perfectly that is not the reason that I did it! Action movies to me are so refreshing and different, and I love the challenge to shoot them.

-Gaspar, the character played by David Harbour (“Stranger Things”), makes mention of a stay, The Chañares, located in Cordoba. Who knows?

-Joe Russo wrote the screenplay, based on his own graphic novel. The reason that is mentioned is the metaphor of the doves (Gaspar recalls when he was hunting at 10 years old), in a sense of how these guys have to deal with certain things. Perhaps it is as a readjustment moral.

And there is no more time to ask Chris what it is that most fears in life, in general, outside of these time COVID-19, or how long he does not embrace his brothers. Since there will be better times.