Chris Hemsworth “struggle” with their children during home school


If you ever dream of Chris Hemsworth it was to be a teacher, during this time of coronaviruses probably be thanking that has not gone down that road. This after he confessed that he is failing at trying to educate their children from home.

During an interview with Jimmy Kimmel, the actor admitted that he is not doing the best of jobs when it comes to a school within their own home, because by trying to do five hours of work, and simply just playing.

“They’re watching YouTube videos on the computer and not studying. I’m trying to teach them and I’m failing miserablybecause they are four to five hours of trying to both bribe and just 20 minutes to learn something,” said Hemsworth to the driver.

The man born in Melbourne said that the learning methods that are used today, are very different to what he learned when he was the age of their children.

“Everything has changed since I went to school I spoke with his teacher about it. Addition and subtraction are not as direct as before, now there are more tricks to teach, which I do not understandso good luck trying to explain to my children,” she apologised to the australian.

Hemsworth also joked about the consequences that this pandemic will be for the future, their children’s school. “I have relaxed with the idea of that will come out of this quarantine with an iq a little belowthey’ll be a little late now,” he said between laughter.

The interpreter of “Thor” also has a few tricks during the day that served both to entertain her twins of six years and their eldest daughter, nearly eight years of age. Also, “coincidentally”, these activities have to be done during school hours.

“In fact, I really like mowing the lawn. I got this mower mounted a few months ago and there is something quite therapeutic about it. And it may only be a few hours of escape from having to teach or entertain three children 24 hours a day, 7 days a week”, he shared.

“Usually, it is around the school hours that the lawn needs to be cut conveniently. ‘Honey, that lawn is growing, it’s a jungle out there. I have to get to that, sorry’”, joked the actor of 36 years.

Hemsworth thankful that things in your country are much more calm than in other parts of the world, especially in Byron Bay, the area that lives with his wife, Elsa Pataky, and their children.

“Things are pretty good around here, as pin flatten the curve and there are talks all day about lift the restrictions. Fortunately we did not have a running of the bulls as extreme as in other parts of the world. We are on the coast at the moment, which is pretty quiet, so we are not in a place so densely populatedand in truth I feel sorry for those who do live in those areas. The restrictions were imposed fairly and on time things stabilized, ” he said of the situation.

Coupled with this, he added that his wife had a small accident a couple months ago when ordering online. Although they are not of those who dominated the shelves in the supermarkets, Hemsworth revealed that they have a lot of toilet paper stored in your home.

My wife was ordering a box of toilet paper about three months, and thought that contained 15 rolls, and actually ordered 15 boxesso without wanting to, we’re overstocked”, narrated between laughter.

By the time Australia there are 6,661 confirmed caseshave had 75 deaths and recovered 5,045 people, according to the department of health by the australian government.