Chris Pratt and Tom Holland reveals who would win: Star Lord or Spider-Man

Actors Chris Pratt and Tom Holland have coincided in the Movie Universe of Marvel as Star-Lord and Spider-Man, but also in the Pixar film Onward.

Taking advantage of that emerged a lot of chemistry in the filming of Avengers: Infinity War between Chris Pratt and Tom Hollandthey were hired to lend their voices to the two brothers protagonists of the movie of Pixar Onward. In a recent interview commented on who would win in a battle between Spider-Man and Star Lord.

The first time that these two characters they met was on the planet Titan, both the Guardians of the Galaxy as the heroes the Earth is heading to deal with Thanos. When they cross they begin a brief battle between the two groups that ends in a draw when they find out that Star Lord is earthling. So for now we don’t know if Spider-Man could be with him.

“I think they probably would win Spider-Man, right?”. Chris Pratt mused. “Because you have the suit of the Iron Spider”.

“No device”argued Tom Holland. “I believe that Peter Quill could face Peter Parker, but I think that Spider-Man probably noquearía Star Lord”.

Although Chris Pratt he pointed out that it would help in a fight like that. “Peter Quill never fight alone and always fight dirty. You have to Guardians of the Galaxy. Then, if I challenge, you’re dealing also with Drax and Rocket Racoon”.

Chris Pratt he argued that he felt that it was a “trick question” since the heroes “never would fight”and Tom Holland agreed with that sentiment, stating “We never pelearíamos because we are best friends!”

Chris Pratt and Tom Holland reveals who would win in a fight: Spider-Man or Star Lord

What will be found in the Movie Universe of Marvel?

After Avengers: Endgame it does not appear that Spider-Man and Star Lord meet again in a movie. Since the Spider-Man it has a lot of problems on Earth because of that Mysterio announced his secret identity to the world. While Star Lord went into space in search of Gamora and does not seem to have any intention of returning to his home planet.

So if we go back to see Chris Pratt and Tom Holland together in a movie, you surely will not have anything to do with Marvel.

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