Coronavirus: The gesture of Rihanna to prevent the death of his father


Rihanna you do not have a good relationship with her father, Ronald Fenty, since she was a child and he divorced his mother. The course of time and the development of the successful artistic career of the singer did not managed to reverse that situation. In fact, some time ago, she had denounced his father for using his name without his consent, to do business. But the coronavirus changed everything.

When Ronald Fenty, 66, had the diagnosis of breast Covid-19, Rihanna did not hesitate even a second to do everything that was in his power to save his life. Determined, from his quarantine in the united States, bought an artificial respirator, and sent him to the island of Barbados, where his father lives.

Now, in dialogue with the newspaper “The Sun”, Ronald Fenty he said that after ten days in hospital for having been infected with coronavirus, was discharged from the hospital and is recovering at home. On that same note, he thanked his daughter Rihanna the attitude that he had towards him. “Got in contact with me daily to make sure he was ok. The truth is that I thought I was going to die”said.

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As explained, the evolution of the disease in the father of Rihanna did not come to the state that he needed a respirator to survive, but he feels an enormous gratitude for the gesture of your daughter to do everything possible to save his life.

Moved, Fenty had warm words for Rihanna: “I have to say: I love you so much, Robyn, ” he said, calling the artist by her real name. You’ve done so much for me and I appreciate it heart“.

In that same interview with “The Sun”, the father of Rihanna made a call to the inhabitants of Barbados: asked them not to leave their homes in order to protect themselves from the contagion of coronavirus in full pandemic.

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