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Mason, the eldest son of Kourtney Kardashian, did not endure more to be in quarantine for coronavirus (COVID-19) and decided to open an account Instagram to make some revelations about the most intimate part of your family. The creator of Poosh managed to delete the account from your son of 10 years, but it was too late.

The son of the entrepreneur was asked about the life of Kylie Jenner and revealed that her aunt had not been reconciled with the singer Travis Scott. This comment shattered all the rumors by the press of the show american. The child also told them that I did not see her cousin Stormi for a good time. After that, your account was deleted.

Mason, away from to teach a good lesson, he decided to create an account Tik Tok without the permission of their parents. The small american star has over two million followers in just a few hours.

“My Instagram was deleted because I was too young, because I turned viral. I would have had 2.7 million followers now had remained open”, told Mason from its new social network to all their fans.

The son of Kourtney Kardashian also told has a great friendship with her aunt Khloé Kardashian and is the most engría to all the children of the clan Kardashian – Jenner.


Messi trains alongside her small child this way

Messi trains alongside her small child this way

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