Do you want to be a model? Test with the new shoes Katy Perry: you are a pineapple!


While singer Katy Perry is recluída in her house with her husband actor Orlando Bloom and his future son, the artist decided to launch his new collection of shoes. See what unique design you possess!

The famous Katy Perry it is located in your home next to your husband Orlando Bloom and enjoying her first pregnancy.

But that doesn’t exempt you to continue to share their new work projects: in this case, a new collection of shoes. You will feel like you’re in an island paradise!

Placed on a chair, the artist became its own model and put their creations more eccentric, representative of your style and personality so characteristic, with shades of orange and therefore, a hair platinum blonde, and a dress of gold chiffon.

Under the hashtag #TuesdayShoesday, shoes impacted by their heels with a design of pineapple. Then, a minibolso, also inspired by the fruit in question, completed the look.

This is not surprising, taking into account that some days ago, Katy Perry released a collection of sandals with the handle at the foot of a dog. Wow the ideas!