Does the collection of Birkins Drake is better than Kylie? You respond

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Three years ago Drake spoke about the collection of Birkins that has been accumulating for the woman with whom you decide to spend your life, At that time gave no further details on the bags. He did not say how many you have, what size you are or what color, or if he bought or commanded to buy, he said if you have special editions or a custom model, but today we finally know more about the lucky gift that you receive one day your partner and everything seems to indicate that your collection could be better than that of Kylie.

Architectural Digest just to share an article in which appears the extravagant home of Toronto the rapper and we could see a sneak peek of his coveted collection. Every space of your property is a dream come true, luxury furniture, finishes of marble and architecture first so that we are not strange at all that your closet is two floors, yes, TWO. It is decorated with fittings of amethyst, rock crystal and details of sheep skin with diamonds and studs of polished nickel. But in addition to that, what captured our attention was his extensive collection of shoes and the Birkin Hermes that has been accumulating for years.

In accordance with Business Insider the price of a Birkin can vary from $40-thousand dollars and half a million dollars so it is difficult to give an approximate figure of your collection. In one of the photos shared by AD, manage to see three bags of crocodile skin perfectly aligned, one is white with black, one is golden and other is black.

If you look with attention the reflections in the mirror of the left wall, you’ll notice that the rapper has shelves full of this model of Hermès.

Drake is not the only celebrity who has shared his passion for the Birkin of Hermès, Kylie Jenner has boasted on more than one occasion his collection and we can ensure that the rapper makes him the competition. Do you what do you think is better?

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