Does the MCU without Chris Pratt? John Krasinski and other actors that almost interpreted Star-Lord


In the MCU there are characters more complicated to interpret than the other, without doubt one of them is Peter Quill, who is one of those heroes that has a facade of being a character that exists to make you laugh and make fun of others, but as you know it, you will realize that this mask hides a lot of pain, so that there was no one better than Chris Pratt to interpret it, or not? These are the actors who almost performed to Star-Lord and go that were interesting.

Marvel Studios has had a damn pretty good within their film saga, even so there are a couple of productions not-so-good and ‘Guards of the Galaxy’ is unable to convert at a time. Fortunately, it was under the right direction, James Gunn came to impart the humor, action, and lovable characters needed to make all this a success.

In fact, Pratt was not convinced of wanting to take the role and just makes the hearing, until you convinced of them, that is why it is almost a miracle that formed part of the MCU with this film. It is said that Gunn land all it took was a minute of addition to realize that he was everything they were looking for.

It is time to use the imagination and think who of these would have been the better option, in fact the director already had a second option, in the event that Pratt would not have accepted.


The actor, 40, is best known for her roles in the hit film ‘A Quiet Place’ and the series ‘The Office’, he’ll be back soon with a version for children.


Appeared in the production of Netflix, ‘The King’ and even in the episode I and II of Star Wars.


The winner of the Oscar for ‘The Theory of Everything’, but he’s also known for his role in ‘The Danish Girl’, was one of the options.


The second option of the director, and this has become her most famous.


The actor of ‘Tron: Legacy’ of 35 years, he has been a part of this amazing group of heroes.


Another of the actors who almost performed to Star-Lord, was the actor from ‘Breaking Bad’, it would certainly have been extremely interesting to see him in a role contradictory to what we were used to.