don’t miss their brand new concert on Amazon Prime


  • Amazon Prime launches today a new documentary film about the Jonas Brothers. It was filmed during the ‘shows’ of his last tour.
  • If you had forgotten, so was the concert of the Jonas Brothers in Madrid, had first-hand by a fan. But in Barcelona there were up to an order of hand!

    Any time in the past was better, especially now with everything we are going through. Although one thing is clear: if there is something more we miss the freedom, is to go to the concerts our favourite artists sing their songs to the top of our lungs until desgañitarnos and become ‘groupies’ for a couple of hours.

    Right now, this is impossible, but that does not mean that we cannot enjoy some ‘show’ music from the sofa of our house. So reserve a room in your busy schedule (note the irony), and turn on Amazon Prime Video because today they premiered a new documentary of the Jonas Brothers!

    After the success of the documentary of his return, ‘Chasing Happines’ —thank you to life for making that Nick, Joe and Kevin meet again— the brothers are back to having the platform to tell how it has gone the world tour they did during the 2019 and part of this 2020: ‘Happiness Continues: Jonas Brothers Concert Film’. You prepare to relive great moments like those that lived during the concert in Madrid or Barcelona? Here you have the trailer.

    We have a new documentary in the form of a concert of the Jonas Brothers on Amazon Prime

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    Apart from enjoying the topics touched by the ‘bros’ in Vancouver, Chicago, Mexico City and Miami, we will also see the moments ‘ off the record’ brothers in the road, before leaving the stage, and even with the JSisters, Priyanka Chopra, Danielle Jonas and Sophie Turner. Well, it is a pleasure to meet you. A servant is to be thrown away the day singing ‘Burning Up’ and ‘Sucker’.

    “Wait, you still have not seen ‘Chasing Happiness’? Fatal. I leave here also.

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