Dr. Fauci assured a little girl that the Tooth Fairy can’t get coronavirus


The doctor Anthony Fauci has been at the forefront of the crisis of the coronavirus in the united Statesand , thanks to this has been able to explain what will happen, as well as to reassure the inhabitants of this country.

Among the u.s. citizens, they are also children and young people with doubts, which is why the doctor dedicated an interview with Will Smithwithin its program “Will From Home”, to answer the questions that some of them had.

Among the most interested was Ava, a resident of Los Angeles, California, 7 years of age, and was very appalled by the health of the Fairy of the Teeth.

“Can you come the Tooth Fairy still if I lose my tooth? And, by this coronavirus can spread?”, asked the small, very dismayed.

To his relief, the doctor Fauci assured him that it is absolutely sure that the Fairy do its work, as it is immune to the coronavirus.

I have to tell you Ava, I don’t think you have to worry about the Tooth Fairy. So when you drop the tooth make sure you put it under a pillow and I guarantee you that Fairy won’t get infected or get sick from it” explained the expert in immunology.

Many other children asked questions Fauci did not hesitate to clarify. For example, when a small New York asked what that meant COVID.

Represents Coronavirus Disease (disease coronavirus) -19, and the number is by the year 2019, in which the first cases were recognized in China. The virus, the virus of the SARS” explained the doctor.

“SARS represents Serious Acute Respiratory Syndrome, which is essentially a coronavirus. Many people think that it is something new that happened, but could you describe to the family of coronaviruses?”, asked the actor.

There are four coronavirus that historically make the total from 10% to 30% of common colds that any of us has ever suffered. The difference with this, is that it has the feature of be transmitted very effectively from human to human,” delved Fauci.

Also, some brothers have questioned the doctor about the situation that we are living in and if you some day will end or whether it will be for a long time that we will have to live with this situation.

“I have confidence that this will end, I think that this year has been obviously bad for us and for the whole world. I don’t think that is going to go completely, but there will be fewer cases while we have better control […] We are working on a vaccine and I hope that when we have sufficient immunity of reference in the community, is not something that you have to worry about the rest of their lives. It is now difficult, and may be difficult for another year, but this is something that will disappear, I promise”, he said.

In addition to this, Smith also spoke about a very important issue in the country: chow the COVID-19 has mainly affected the african american and latino communities.

“It is really terrible, because it is only one of the defects of our societythat african americans have a prevalence disproportionate impact on the incidents of the conditions co-morbid that may put you at high risk. If infected, will have a bad outcome […] [el coronavirus] it is a bright light and gloss over what is meant by health disparities”, he added.