Emilia Clarke is of the opinion that “the killer” Jon Snow had to suffer retaliation


Emilia Clarke was Daenerys Targaryen during the eight season of ‘Game of Thrones’.

Clarke also regrets that your character does not have a “happy ending” and that the last season had more action than dialogues.

The controversial end of Game of Thrones is about to celebrate its first anniversary. Let us remember that its broadcast of the world was the 19-20 of may 2019. With this on the horizon, Emilia Clarke has wanted to come clean once and for all and channel what seems to be a national malaise crossed.

The Emmy award-nominated for his role as Daenerys Targaryen he said in a recent interview with The Sunday Times that the end of the series it seemed to him “annoying”. The story, according to her, ends up putting Daenerys as the main antagonist of the series. And on their fatal end, at the hands of Jon Snow, the actress has confessed that she felt real sorry for Daenerys. “And yes. Bothered Me that Jon Snow didn’t have to deal with retaliation. Overcame a murder, literally.”

“I knew how I would feel [sobre el final] when I read it for the first time, and I tried not to think too much about what other people might say,” continues Clarke. “But yes, I had in mind what the fans might think, because everything was for them, they were the ones that made us successful. So that was the minimum.”

Clarke laments in the interview that your character does not have a “happy ending”, but holds that the series was “a gift” for her as an actress and will always be grateful to have been part of one of the phenomena of television greatest of all time. Clarke suggests that Game of Thrones could have managed better last season if it had lasted more than six episodes: “we Could have lengthened a little more.”

A part of the final season that Clarke is not liked especially was that it was not more than pieces of action, and that there was no space for moments of dialogue-driven characters. Something in season 6 was explored in a masterly manner.

This is an opinion which had already shared in another interview with Entertainment Weekly, shortly after that was issued the end of the series. Clarke said at that time that I wished that the series would give him more dialogue scenes with Cersei Lannisterperformed by Lena Headey.

Here the full interview with Emilia Clarke.