Emilia Clarke is pronounced for the first time about the controversial end of Game of Thrones


To little time for the one year anniversary since the end of Game of Thronesone of its protagonists, has not hesitated to rule on the controversial end of the series. This is the actress Emilia Clarke, one of the protagonists has spoken in this last year of the series and of his own life.

A final non-appealed to his followers

The american actress was interviewed in the last few hours by The Sunday Times, where he could not avoid responding to one of the controversies that have revolved around the series in this last year: his final. The vast majority of fans didn’t like how the writers handled the end of a series that has lasted for eight seasons bright and that, however, he was left with honey on the lips more of a fan.

I didn’t feel anything happy when I read the scriptand at every turn of the plot I tried not to think too much about what they were going to tell the others when you were issued the chapters. However, in the background I always had in mind that you could say the followers. At the end of the day, everything we owed it to them”, explained on the time of the final script.

Slipped the idea of having prolonged the end

Without going into spoilers for those who still have not seen the series, or its end, Emilia Clarke addressed the issue of the controversial last chapter of the series saying that “perhaps we ended way too abruptly. Maybe we could have developed the story for several more chapters for that everything would have more sense,” he admitted.

The actress is not the first that is spoken about in the series, and that is that this opinion is the majority among all the followers of Game of Thronesthat it even came to collect signatures to get a return at the end. Emilia Clarke has already acknowledged last September that looked flattering criticism of the resolution of the seriessince this was soon evident that they had a lot of affection to your character.

Without a doubt, the success ended up being a blessed problem to Game of Thronesand is that after eight seasons and an average of 12 million followers in the united States alone it has become one of the series most closely followed in recent times. Possibly this has been the reason why it has not been possible to please everyone with the ending, although maybe a lap had not been more.