Enjoyable quarantine is going Drake Bell (Video)


By you through your account officer Tik Tok the singer and actor Drake Bell has been sharing fun moments while living the quarantine due to the pandemic coronavirus Covid-19.

The singer has shown how to get rid of the boredom, generating several games and video funny to survive their quarantine and interact with their fans.

In one of his videos shows his pajamas, red with sleep, such as watching television and looking at the street to see if it passes people.

@drakebellI original sound – drakebell

In another clip shows that he has been seeing the chapters of the show that gave her fame in Latin america and corrects the translator of youtube because in karaoke mode puts a phrase from the song of the intro of the program that is not.

@drakebellI original sound – drakebell
@drakebell##drakeandjosh ##hugmebrothaI original sound – drakebell

Drake also teaches us that has been doing exercise, because in a video he showed how to pull a car with chains.

@drakebellI Rocky: Eye of the Tiger – Best Movie Soundtracks

In another fun tiktok are getting rid of a lyrics of a old song that had escribido, the burned down “accidentally”, to many it reminded them of their character that constantly occurred time similar.

@drakebell##DrakeandJosh ##FoundawayI original sound – drakebell

Finally, the singer uploaded a funny video but serious, where all are invited to stay at home to prevent further spread of the virus.<

@drakebellI original sound – drakebell