Francis Lawrence to direct the prequel of ‘The hunger games’


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As we reported last summer,the author Suzanne Collins return to the universe of‘The hunger games’(The Hunger Games)to tell us a new story mode prequel. Months after its adaptation cinematogrfica is official and with the title of ‘The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes’ getting to the big screen under the direction deFrancis Lawrence, who already took care of ‘The hunger games: Sinsajo. Part 1‘(2014) and ‘Sinsajo. Part 2‘(2015).

Collins act as executive producer and adapt along aMichael Arndt, the screenplay of this novel that I will publish the next 21 of may. For its part, Nina Jacobson and Brad Simpson repetirn as producers via the Color Force. We know besides, that book of Collins center on the history of the orgenes of president Snow, the role played porDonald Sutherlanden the franchise.

The novel, which in English we will learn how ‘Ballad of birds-songbirds, and snakes’, arriving 12 years after the publication of the first work in 2008. In it the young Coriolanus Snow is described as a teenager who sees with the privilege to search for something ms… Is friendly and charming and, thus, a hroe. In short, a character very different from the evil dictator who we met in the novels and films earlier.

The story is set 64 years before the events of the triloga, starting in the morning of the dcima edition of the hunger Games, where Coriolanus Snow is assigned as the mentor of the young tribute from District 12.

“Lionsgate has always been the home cinematogrfico of The Hunger Games and I’m delighted to come back to them with this new book”, dijoCollins.“From the beginning, have treated the original material with great respect, honoring the elements temticos and narrative of the story and forming a team amazing both in front of and behind the chamber. It is a pleasure to meet with Nina, Francis and Michael to adapt the novel ycompartir their remarkable talents, once ms, with the world of Panem. I look forward to working with them while we have ‘The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes’ to cinemas around the world,”.

Regarding his new work, formerly Collins said:“With this book, want to explore the state of the nature, who are we and what we perceive to our survival. The period of equipment 10 years after the war, commonly known as the Das Dark, while the country of Panem is recovered, it provides a ground frtil so that the characters face these questions and to define their points of view about humanity”.

Featuring porJennifer Lawrence,Josh HutchersonyLiam Hemsworth, the first film came in 2012 with a recaudacin world of 694,4 million dollars. In total, the four installments of the franchise cinematogrfica have raised 2.968 million of dollars, being the ms box office success of the second installment, ‘The hunger games: In flames‘with 865 million dollars.

Lgicamente of time you can’t talk about dates, as it will have to wait to see for how much time to affect the pandemic to sta and many other productions. What is certain, is that when you exit the novelaen may be destined to become film.