Gente de Zona: ‘Cuba does not have an infrastructure to support the Covid-19’


The great cuban duo Gente de Zona, who recently premiered “Girl”, a new theme in collaboration with the performer Becky G, said that he feels great concern for the situation of Covid-19 on the Island, especially by your family there.

“Cuba does not have an infrastructure created to resist a virus in the sense of the conditions of their hospitals, and their things… What can I say to the cubans is to stay home,” he said about the particular Alexander Delgado, who told EFE that they are praying for that the virus does not spread in the Island.

“In Cuba I have my daughter over 18 years of age. At first, I had to have a few words with her because there was a time when I asked a question: ‘dad, here came the virus, and we are saying that let’s go to school’. And I had to order that not out,” said Delgado.

His partner Randy Malcom, who also participated in the talk, he exhibited a very similar situation: “I have my mom in Cuba and my grandparents. I have forbidden to leave. In the house only a person comes out to look for food. We know how difficult it is being in Cuba by the agglomeration of people, but they know they can’t get out.”

“We are asking for a distance from the people, but the people don’t have food, and there is a system of distribution to make it available, what is causing agglomerations”, told about a situation that “has to be solved”.

In his professional life, the artists, who live in Miami, have also felt the hard impact of the new coronavirus, particularly for the containment measures enacted to mitigate the infection.

Malcom and Thin have been criticized for avoid making statements about the repression and the violation of human rights in Cuba. Also, they became the target of criticism after Delgado called publicly “our president” the leader Miguel Díaz-Canel Bermúdez.

The conflict with a part of the exile that holds them to a political position more clearly reached its climax after the duo outside excluded from the traditional concert by the end of the year held in Miami last December 31. Opinion leaders of the city have criticized the possible involvement of People of Area in the event, while other musicians cuban-americans threatened to withdraw if retained the invitation to the duo of reggaeton.

After that, Randy Malcom apologized “to all, without exception of any.”

In mid-march, both sued the cuban Government, the closing of borders against the threat of expansion of the Covid-19.

“We need awareness of this global problem that is killing thousands of people,” he wrote on Instagram, Malcolm, along with an image of José Martí, using a nasobuco and holding the cuban passport close to your chest, with the text: “Government of Cuba #CierrenFronteras for our family, for our people.”

Alexander Delgado confessed also his concern in a direct made on Facebook.

“I am very concerned for the people of Cuba, for my followers, for my daughter that I have there, for the rest of my family I have in Cuba and the most I can do is to ask you to please stay home, because it is the only way we have of getting this virus and not make this pandemic bigger than it already is,” he said.

“This message goes out to all my people of Cuba, to all the followers of People of the Area that you convey to his family in Cuba, as the Government still has not ruled on to close the borders, has not commented on closing schools. I think that if the Government does not do this, you will be well harmful for the next few days for the people,” said the singer, who is in the US, where he said to be following the guidance of the us Government not to leave the house.