Greta Thunberg and WWF urge to join in the earth Hour


The young activist Swedish Greta Thunberg and the director general of the World wide Fund for Nature (WWF for its acronym in English), Marco Lambertini, were urged to unite their efforts during the earth Hour that will be held this Saturday.

“Earth Hour is every hour of every day. The need is to unite and protect our planet has never been so great,” said Thunberg, who started with the movement Fridays For Future (FFF) in 2018 to protest against the inactivity of the government to address climate change.

“As we have been asked to avoid public gatherings to slow the spread of the Covid-19, I recommend all of you to join virtually for #EarthHour to renew our commitment to the planet and use our voices to promote action in line of safe and responsible manner,” he said in a report WWF.

The initiative of earth Hour came in 2007, and encourages all to turn off lights and unplug electronic devices between 20:30 and 21:30 hours. This Saturday it is expected the participation of more than 180 countries in a virtual form, before the pandemic of the COVID-19.

Lambertini said that “at this moment challenging, we must care for each other and the home we all share: the imperative to make the difference for our collective future is now greater than ever.”

For the commemoration of this year, there is a key opportunity for us to come together and raise the voice for a global commitment to halt and reverse the loss of nature, he exhorted.

He explained that now “nature is failing like never before. We are destroying the natural systems we depend on for our health and well-being more quickly than they can be replenished, putting in danger our own survival and existence”.

The manager said that “we are deeply saddened by the loss of lives by the outbreak of COVID-19 and our thoughts are with the families who have lost loved ones or who are sick.”

“Nature is the life-line of seven thousand 600 million people who inhabit the planet Earth. It is the basis of our societies and economies, and is one of our greatest allies in the fight against the climate crisis,” said Lambertini.