Halle Berry gives us her recipe for homemade mask of 4 ingredients to look skin flawless and wrinkle free


The actress has given her recipe DIY in your account of Instagram to get a bright face, and ms young

Updated 22/04/2020 11:37

If there is a celebrity that always inspires us by his personal self-esteem and your beauty both exterior and interior, she is Halle Berry. Recently I contbamos how posing without make-up in your account of Instagram and disheveled in his home in the middle of a quarantine against the coronavirus. And now back to surprise us on this social network dndonos the recipe of a mask Do It Yourself to a skin of the face ms young and bright with ingredients you probably have in your kitchen and not the sabas…

For Halle Berry it seems that no time passes because it doesn’t matter that the years pass that she is like Benjamin Button, aging in reverse… that’s why, we put our magnifying glass on their tips and tricks to be as well, and ms w in this quarantine that we can leave our self-care and wear a face of swiss chard because it does not give us the sun and we have a skin every time ms off.

Well, the actress has shared also in their social networks the recipe for a homemade mask and Do It Yourself that t also can make you in the home and care for your skin and keeps it much more bright and without wrinkles.

And is that Berry he came to the page of Instagram your digital community of health and well-being, R-Spin to share the ingredients of the mask that is made at home, and not have more than four or five ingredients. “There is No better time than now for a #SelfcareSunday … and today, I share one of my favorite recipes of masks home, using ingredients that many of you have already tendris in the kitchen,” said the actress in your photo with the mask on your facial skin. “This mask brightens, tightens, reduces wrinkles and brightens natural besides that it is sper easy to make”.

The recipe of the mask Halle Berry only requires two tablespoons of t green prepared, a pinch of crcuma in powder, half a teaspoon of juice of fresh lime and a quarter cup of plain yogurt. To begin, Berry mix all the ingredients in a large bowl, asegurndose mix them together very well. And then apply it over your face and leave on for about five minutes. After, Halle Berry apply a second layer over this first layer of mask, and waits another 10 minutes before you rinse it with cold water. And then “you can apply your usual moisturizer,” said the actress to finish your tutorial.

The benefits of this homemade mask for the face? Many, because it is anti-ageing and detoxifying and thus, cleans, brightens and regenerates the skin and crcuma reduces the inflammation and redness of the skin.

Masks homemade foods that you have in your fridge (there is one for each need)

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On the other hand, the t green prevent premature aging, combats the harm of the UV rays and next the skin, and yogurt (rich in acid lctico) act as an exfoliator and removes the cells dead of the skin.

And this mask is not only one of his tricks infallible for the a beautiful skin, long, Halle Berry already confessed his trick to combat cellulite and show off a skin of the body ms firm, soft and smooth and is no other than to add coffee ground to your gel bath. And since then, its effects are noticeable.