Halle Berry rapa to your daughter, we will tell you the reasons


Hallie Berry it is highly present in social networks where we share the details of your life in quarantine to the side of their young children, so it is not of soprendernos that with young children the situations at home can get out of control, thing that made the the oscar-winning I had to rapar to his daughter.

Nahla Were Better is the name of the daughter of Hallie Berry who is now 12 years old and who lost part of her beautiful tresses for a small oversight. Hallie Berry confessed that his daughter has shaved to lower the headthis made it public during an interview with Jimmy Fallon.

The reasons for which Hallie Berry has shaved his daughter are oversights by which all can happen, the actress said that due to quarantine your children have spent too much time in the swimming pool of his home, and that’s why his hair has been mistreated seriously.

In addition to that your daughter has not brushed constantly your hair that has brought him a huge knot on the back of the head, Hallie Berry he tried every means of undoing it and even confessed to applied conditioner for half an hour, but nothing was enough so they had to cut it.

Despite the fact that her daughter did not want to wanted to have his hair cut, Hallie Berry he confessed that he had no choice because the knot was so tight that there was no more to do, however to explain the reasons, your daughter had no other choice but to accept it and now seems to understand it.