Henry Cavill passed the quarantine painting Warhamer


One would think that a person like Henry Cavill would spend his free time doing weights and eating protein, but surprisingly it is not so. Through its account of Instagram, the actor shared that your hobby are the miniatures of Warhammer.

The protagonist of The Witcher, said he is taking advantage of the quarantine and the Easter break to resume their taste for miniatures manufactured by Games Workshop and to test what we see painting a tiny helmet (which we think belongs to the Empire).

Henry Cavill (Photo: Henry Cavill)

“So, as you can see here, obviously it seems that it is something small like a helmet miniature… which it is. One of my favorite hobbies of all life, which I have followed, but which I have not done actively, it is this. A company called Games Workshop… or drug plastic as ‘we’ the call’, he wrote in his post.

We wonder if part of her new abilities include the power to take pictures without using their hands. How to be, it is proven that under your muscles is a geek of the poor.