Hillary Duff spoke about the characters of the reboot of Lizzie McGuire and do not want to Paolo!


The emocin de los fanticos by to see again Hillary Duff embody the beloved Lizzie McGuire an does not vanishes.

Even when the reboot is on pause for the time being, the actress is refiri recently about who will be again in the history.

Hillary coment to Cosmpolitan about the appearance of some of the characters in the story but when asked about one in particular, not a dud in responding.

We are finding out a little bit if we can make this happen. S but not on Paolo, I think that probably will be very angry to see it, expres.

As you remember, Paolo was an Italian singer who appeared in the film Lizzie McGuire: Estrella Pop, but after an unfortunate incident did not stayed with us in good terms with the blonde.

On the other hand, despite the fact that it confirm that the series be broadcast on Disney +, an there are some creative differences. The singer advocates for a history of ms royal that follows the life of a young adult, while producers want to give him a treatment of ms reserved for the character.

Duff also continue the preparations for the series had to be suspended by the current situation of confinement but does not discard that some characters loved by the fans return to the program.