Hope Only has her twins


Only, which was doorman of the selection of american football, was the mother of twins last march 4 and Thursday, I have wanted to present in society through social networks. Call Vittorio and Lozen Stevens, a boy and a girl.

“I present to you Vittorio and Lozen Stevens. Have been born in the midst of the pandemic of the coronavirus. These have been days of a lot of stress for us. We have been away from the public light more than we would like but we would like to thank the care of all the medical staff that has helped us to take care of the little ones. We also want to thank the work of all who are now on the front line in fighting against the pandemic. I wish you all health and happiness”, has written the american.

Only, champion of the world in 2015 and olympic champion in 2008 and 2012, is married to NFL player Jerramy Stevens and announced that he was going to be a mother in the past month of December.

Remember that in the current selection american there is also a player that is going to be a mother very soon: Alex Morgan.