I do not know the limits! Bella Thorne in bed and shouting!


If the forms never have gone with the way of being of Bella Thorne being under quarantine was not going to be excuse to change it. The ‘ex’ girl Disney it has seemed good to to send a message -and without a shred of care – to all those that are still walking as if nothing had happened, and what has made from your bed and screaming, very much their style.

Now that would have more reasons than ever to celebrate is forced to stay in his house hoping to lift the restrictions. Taking advantage of the youth of the actress FOX has ever set eyes on it for develop a programa series especially aimed at the teen audience.

The producer has realized that the non-conformism and rebelliousness of Beautiful block to perfection with the behavior of young people during the teenage years and have wanted to have with her. The actress has accepted, recognizes that it is an honor “to be the voice of this generation”.

But nothing to go out to celebrate or anything running to the arms of Lorenzo Mazzoniiyour rocker Italian, you happen to be at home and wait.

That’s why has not cut a hair at the time of to send a message to all those who are still walking along the street as if the virus could not be with them. Bella has more reason to get out and is at home.

The way that suggests the singer to pass the boredom is pretty rough and hostile –very much in line – and as little bothers what you think he sends a message to you from your bedwhile drinking something that looks like a soda and to cry peeledto learn about it well.

Bella also recommended a good overdose of television to all who do not know what to do with your life during this time. Note that he is eager to get out to celebrate, to see if with their screams even though they are from the bed will make the case.