I finally managed the terrible mustache of Superman in ‘Justice League’!


The upper lip of Henry Cavill was one of the worst things of the movie of DC and, fortunately, a Youtube user has just to solve the problem

Holy mustache, Batman! Already knew it (but continues to amaze us): there is no way to save the Justice League (no, not even Gal Gadot). The megamash superheróico of the bowels of DC, we were disappointed to all, derrapó at the box office, betrayed the fandom, polemizó from the critical and nailed the first bald in the coffin of the genre of superheroes.

But all in all, the course has its equivalent with a particular crime: among the most recalcitrant of the sins -the bad plot, the actions soft, and the villain’s ridiculous that moves like a rubber band in a wind tunnel – the worst it certainly was terrible mustache removed by computer of the face of steel Henry Cavill. What’s the worst thing? It looks much better done on the Internet that you just fix the root of the problem.

Let’s go by parts. The questionable CGI to the upper lip of Cavill had to do directly with the release of Zack Snyder before a family tragedy and the pressures of the Paramount. The arrival (and the rerodaje) of Joss Whedon took a ritual sacrifice: the death of the mustache that the actor had left for Mission Impossible 6 that, by contract with the studio, could not shave. After much back and forth between Warner Bros. and Paramount, the study of Justice League finally decided to remove digitally the moustache of Cavill to the reshoots Whedon’s.

The result, there is no need to say, it was calamitous to the point that some even blamed the disaster of the moustache for the poor performance of the box office of the tape. Superman spends half the film with a valley paralyzed on the upper lip, and it is appalling to see.

What adds insult to injury really, with a minimum of effort and skill, recently come to light thanks to the YouTube user Jarkan. The designer made a deepfake from the opening scene of Justice League with a Cavill with a lip more normal, especially when compared side-by-side with the version originatesl. The evidence we refer you.

It is impressive how, even two years after its premiere, Justice League remains an open wound for the fandom. Without the famous Snyder Cut -in theory, solving a large part of the bumpy narrative of the film – to the view, fans continue wondering how the movie could have mortally wounded the EUCD was once so hypeada.

Cover image: Warner Bros.