“If anything happens to me, they’re going to learn quin was”: Cardi B frightened after making a few statements


Cardi B it is one of those celebrities that is usually in the center of all the polmicas, which tends to be outrageous with your statements.

In general, the u.s. usually use their social networks to make clear their views on different topics, especially current and polticos.

In this opportunity, the artist did harsh reviews of the government of Donald Trump, creating a stir among their followers.

However, the young demonstrated worried because according to confes, then the interview began to happen things extraas.

Since I do these videos live, For how long has been this happening?… jams. Now all of a sudden my transmission is without sound, not it’s me I’m scaring, question the singer.

I est giving a little afraid because my husband does not like it when I talk about policy, l really (hates) because that puts him paranoid, because lately my Instagram is putting a fuzzy and without sound, as out of nothing, confes the famous.

To finish, the american it was ms all and he warned his audience: God forbid, if anything happens to me a m or someone from my family is going to find out who it was and why all of this is very rare, very extrao.