It is too much! Becky G cause noise in Instagram by this controversy pose

Our beloved Becky G don’t stop to amaze us with each one of the actions that it performs in front of the camera, and that is the diva since it appeared for the first time, we made it very clear what it was and what it was going for.

The way how to Becky G rose to fame in the us seems completely unprecedented, as they become witnesses of how he struggled to be in the place of reputation in the that is, he makes the story take on greater relevance.

Since that time, the famous has not stopped surprising us, in part because of his wonderful talent which is completely indisputable, and also for his great sensuality that emits when interpreting any of his famous musical themes.

In fact on one occasion when he was on top of a stage, Becky G was placed on his back and stroked his bare bottom, while making a gesture both bold and controversial.

It is worth noting that the famous she wore a delicate body of white color and a mesh covering over their legs, which gives it a touch more scandalous to the action that you performed.

This gesture managed to freak out to the millions of fans that he has on the world, in fact, until now, have not been able to overcome this unprecedented time And obviously, neither do we!

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