It’s not only Amber Heard! Warner has plans to take Jason Momoa in the role of Aquaman

With the restructuring of the DCEU anything can happen, and now Warner bros. looks like it is finding the right path to correct all of their mistakes by wanting to create a movie universe too in a hurry to compete with Marvel. It has been revealed that Jason Momoa in the future we would not be Aquaman.

Some years ago, the simple fact to mention is any side to Aquaman was synonymous with the mockery to have the superpower of talking to fish and when it was announced his movie single, all predicted a failure in the list of new projects from Warner Bros.

But to be announced Jason Momoa as tasked to give life to Arthur Curry, the jokes became praise, admiration and respect, by the personality and charisma than Momoa printed in his version of the character. This helped in the box office world could raise more than $1.1 billion.

But despite these numbers and the success the character has given to the study, all indications are that Jason Momoa would no longer be Aquamanbecause Warner would be looking for a replacement for the actor.

According to the portal We Got This Covered, it will not be hit as Warner Bros. plans to continue with Momoa for a second and even third part if you can, but in the future it is planned that the character realises that he can’t continue being the king of Atlantis and go on with their duties as Aquaman, so you have to pass the mantle to a new character.

The rumor suggests that the successor of Arthur would be a version of the DCEU of Kaldur from the animated series ‘Young Justice’. In that series, he is the son of Black Manta, even if it ends up being the protégé of Aquaman, and finally leads the team of Young Justice. Taking inspiration from this would not be a goodbye final for Momoa who would go on to be a supporting character.

Either way, Warner has many long-term plans with your DCEU, which has been in constant change, but it seems that is already finding its way. The sequel to ‘Aquaman’ has an upcoming release date to December 2022.

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