Jason Momoa on the looks of the live action of “God of War” would Leave Aquaman?


Jason Momoa in the crosshairs of a new adaptation of video games, “God of War”based on norse mythology with elements of the Greek, so that their fans wonder if this will affect your role as a Aquaman in the tapes DC.

Jason Momoa on the looks of the live action of “God of War” would Leave Aquaman?

What Jason Momoa will be Aquaman?

The actor who gives life to Arthur Curry alias Aquaman in the DC universewould be being considered for the role of Kratos, the protagonist of the franchise “God of War”.

The rumors on the candidacy of Jason Momoa, were released by the site We Got This Covered, known for getting it right in their predictions about the tapes of superheroes, particularly Marvel and DC.

Be certain to rumors, Universal will produce the live action of “God of War” with Jason Momoa at the front, giving life to the demigod, Krato, the son Zeus and Callisto, born in Ancient Sparta.

How Jason Momoa leaves Aquaman?

In days past began to emerge rumors about the possibility that Jason Momoa leave the role of Aquaman in the tapes of the DC Universe due to the new direction that the study wishes to the superhero.

The rumors claim that Jason Momoa would keep the role in Aquaman 2 and, possibly, Aquaman 3, where it eventually would be replaced by an actor younger.

Be replaced in the franchise of Aquaman, the place of Jason Momoa would be occupied by the actor chosen to play the son of Black Manta, who would appear in the following tapes.

In addition to the possibility of giving life to Kratos in “God of War”, also it is rumored that Jason Momoa would be in the sights of Marvel to be the next villain to face Spider-man in the future.

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Until now, none of the rumors on the alleged upcoming projects from Jason Momoa has been confirmed by the actor or the studios involved.